About Project


What is the project about?

The action contributes to creation of a favourable, non-discriminatory and tolerant environment in the multi-ethnic autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia, with embraced diversities and respect for other cultures, languages, socio-economic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and identities. To that end, the action will initiate creation of an inclusive culture, policy, and practice in Vojvodina (North Banat region), thus promoting cultural diversity through gastronomy cultural events and r education programme. The project uses gastronomy to educate young people about the need to respect different cultures and customs.

Youth as the main target group

Direct target group are young people from Serbia (Kikinda and 6 Municipalities of North Banat region) YRoM, Croatia, Kosovo*, Hungary and Romania. All from different ethnic communities and of various socio-economic backgrounds are empowered to identify and understand the nature and forms of discrimination, its causes and consequences, and to utilize existing mechanisms of prevention, support, overcoming and protection in an innovative way and through innovative methods, not typical for persons of that age. Through culinary events in which the mutual understanding among different groups (based on ethnic, economic, and other differences) is enhanced, as well as understanding of the values of diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, trust, cooperation and openness in a multi-ethnic society.

Young people develop skills and creative techniques, such as using gastronomic skills, to promote and disseminate the values of tolerance and anti-discrimination their local communities.
  • Democracy and Human Rights
EuropeAid reference
  • Embraced diversities and respect for other cultures, languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and identities
  • Improving the capacity of youth for understanding, acceptance and respect cultural diversity
  • Increased opportunities for debating culture, arts and role of culture and arts in development of a tolerant society
City / District
EU Contribution
266,996 €
Implementation period
December 2017 - December 2019
40 young adults (17–25 years) from municipalities Kikinda, Ada, Senta, Kanjiza, Coka i Novi Knezevac (North Banat), and 60 young people from regional countries - Croatia, Hungary and Romania.
Implemented by
Center for sustainable development and “Economic and Commercial School” from Kikinda